Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 1 post for Quote Quest.

Honestly, I am overwhelmed so many have decided to take part for the very first week. I was really worried folks wouldn’t get my idea but you have and we had a whole 12 link ups for the first week so thank you <3 I have to thank the very lovely Sub Bee for giving me a kick in the arse because honestly without their pep talk, I am not sure I would have put my big girl pants on and done this. 


So now to bit of the process I actually don’t like – the top 3. I am delighted so many have volunteered to be a guest round up-er because I always find this bit so hard to do! A post is on the way for volunteers so please if you are interested, let me know!


So in no particular order here are the posts for the Round Up Week 1

Victoria Blisse – Queer Beginning

The prompt inspired Victoria to create a poem all about her journey from feelings of knowing she was never straight to just coming straight out with her queer beginning. I love it. There is such passion behind her words – you just can’t help but smile and be happy for her.

Floss Liddell – Beautiful New Beginnings

I for one am delighted that Floss has found someone that matches what she wants, someone who seems to be exactly on the same page as her and I simply adore her loved up fuckery posts all about her and Mr. F! I am excited to keep reading and I hope you keep sharing, Floss. I wanna know all about the kinky toppings you sprinkle on Mr Vanilla. 


Violet Fawkes – Even in darkness, there are sometimes moments of light

Violet has such an honesty in her writing that makes me feels her words. I ache for her when I read them and she is sad, while equally I smile for her when she is happy. It is hard to do that. It is hard to write with such emotion that one can really understand the words but Violet seems to do that flawlessly. This post is no different. 



The post for next week’s prompt is live – you can check out Quote Quest Week 2 here and closes on Wednesday at 6pm GMT. It’s a goodin’ so I look forward to seeing what you all do with it! 

Till next time