Hello, hello and welcome to week 3 of Quote Quest.

First things first, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the How to take part post which also includes the rules. I want to keep this place a safe, inclusive  space for all who take part so I want you know to understand what is required from the off – go.


Ok so now I have the serious bit out of the way, I would like to welcome you all to my new project, Quote Quest, where I provide (or you can too here) the quote and I want you to give me all the goodies. Bring me your stories – fact or fiction, images, informative posts on mental health, sexuality, gender, any sex tips you have, embarrassing stories, current shitty things happening in sex blogging world… You name it… If the quote inspires you – run with it. Images and words are both welcome here at Quote Quest.

The linky tool will open on Fridays at 6 pm GMT and will remain open until the following Wednesday at 6 pm GMT. Round up posts will be published on the Monday after the link closes. 


Week 3 Prompt:

“Right on the edge of fear was where trust could grow.”
― Cherise Sinclair


It could be easy to read that quote and think it is all about kink – and of course, your feelings about it could totally go that way. But really it can be about anything? Trusting someone with you, your emotions, your body in general most definitely creates feelings of fear. It can be hot, it live on that line – between fear and [insert however you feel]. Equally, it can be damn right frightening. 

Whatever you feel – I wanna know! 

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