Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 2 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have our very first round up guest – the very lovely Bee from AtoSubBee <3

When LSB ran the idea of Quote Quest past me, there was only one thing I could say ‘It’s brilliant, you have to do it!’ And it made me so glad she did. Then when she asked if I could do the first round up I grinned from ear to ear, until I realised I could only pick three and not all of the links because every single one of them deserved to be here.
Velvet Lovemaking – Violet Grey
Anybody who know me knows I generally read real life experiences over fiction. However, this is just so good. I wasn’t just reading this, I was feeling it. From the tips of my fingers to the tip of my tongue and it felt so good too. 
Those conversations – Zebra Rose
*cw for abuse and mental health implications.
This broke my heart and made me so angry all at the same time. It’s a hard read so only do so if you’re able. Nobody deserves to be treated this way, nobody deserves to live in fear. I cannot understand why anybody would treat another this way. I’m so happy she managed to leave and is now safe. 
[Life] What was. What is & what may come – Floss Liddell

When I first saw this quote, I came to the conclusion that whilst our current partner(s) are special to us, each relationship we have is unique to that person. Nobody can ever replicate what we have with someone else. This post left me feeling all warm and fuzzy, the love shines through and how could you feel anything other than happy after reading it?


Thanks again to Bee for being Round Up Week 2 guest <3

The post for next week’s prompt is live – you can check out Quote Quest Week 3 here and closes on Wednesday at 6pm GMT.

I look forward to seeing what you all do with it! 

Till next time