Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 3 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely Violet from VioletFawkes as our round up guest <3


I was set the (frankly impossible!) task of choosing 3 of these Quote Quest submissions this week, and although it’s a tough job, I’m not mad about it. You see, all these posts were great and all of them are worth mentioning and reading (so go read them all!) but the job was to choose three, and three I have chosen.

Where Trust Grows on Floss Does Life

Floss’ writing is always so insightful and honest, and I love her for that. This piece chronicles a lot of self reflection over the course of time and the journey of understanding that she has experienced in the context of trust and fear.

“…the absence of fear in our relationship has made me reflect on how present it was in some past dynamics …” Ooof. This line hit me like a freight train, as I relate to it so much and I think anyone who has had a troubling or damaging relationship will also relate. As always Floss’ words are clear and wildly candid. I always leave her posts with a new appreciation for her strength and articulation; a truly great read on a very personal and subjective topic.

Please die, Ana, for as long as you’re here, we’re not on Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole

This post had me in tears for a variety of reasons and it does carry a hefty content warning, so be mindful of that when you click through. As someone who grew up in a very body-toxic environment, was bulimic for years, and still has bouts of disordered eating, the care and worry that is expressed in this post is very touching. If the adults in my life had been even half as conscientious and committed to my safety and development as a teen, my whole life would undoubtedly be so different today. Fear is so real for many parents, but trusting that love is enough can help soothe that fear.

 Anita on Eve’s Temptations

This was another tearjerker. Virginity is such a dangerous social construct, it promotes fear and disillusionment about sex and our bodies, it makes a mountain out of a mole hill and adds moral and emotional pressure to something that could otherwise be empowering and wonderful. In this post we learn about a time before sex in the main character’s life and how simple acts of patience and kindness can last with people well after the touch is over or the passion fades. This is bittersweet fiction at it’s finest.

Thanks so much to LSB for asking me to do this Round Up. I’m such a big fan of the Quote Quest concept and I look forward to contributing more by linking up regularly, and I think you should too!



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