“So many things to unlearn.” – The Other Me

There are so many things I’ve learned and so many experiences I’ve had in the past, but
not all of them have held true as I’ve gotten older, and understood a lot more as an adult
For a number of years as an early teen I had identified my sexuality as straight even if
there was hints of being more than that. Most of my attractions early on were to the
opposite sex (Female) and so this was were I saw myself as straight, and even if I did
have the odd attraction the same sex I never saw it as anything more than a passing
interested, and never bothered to question it.

It wasn’t until I got into my 20s when these feeling resurfaced, and it’s at this point I slowly
began to question myself and take the time to explore them a lot more to really see if I was
more than just straight.

Learning who I really am….

I realised that there was things from my past that I had sidelined which really pointed to
there being more to me than I had learned of myself. For instance I loved (Still love) a
singer who was gay and who’s whole persona really struck with me even if I didn’t see it as
such when I was younger, and only cared about the music.

There was many things I had done when in was a little younger that I assumed was just
experimentation more than anything, and not really normal (Wearing some female
clothing/lingerie). As I got older I still wanted to carry on these things and I began to realise
that they were in fact normal for a lot of people, but in my case I didn’t want to be seen as
Along the way to realising I was bi there was many things I had in my mind that needed
For instance I had the feeling that my bigger attraction to the opposite sex made me less bi
and that I was only curious which I was for a period, but afterwards I knew I was bisexual
because I had acted on it and got a lot of pleasure from it.

I have many things I had learned from thinking I was straight that I want to change.
Not only being able to understand more about the LGBTQIA+ community so that I could
explore myself a lot more, but also be understanding when reading blogs and such from
those who align with LGBTQIA+ in whatever way is comfortable to them.

I recently wrote a sex-toy review for LittleSwitchBitch, where I used the gendered word male, and
she politely messaged me to say she was changing it as LSB likes to have reviews, where possible,

This was my 1st/2nd of many written reviews (my reviews can be found here) and it reminded me that I still have a lot of things to unlearn and a lot to learn, not only for future writing, but just in general when
doing anything LGBTQIA+ related or even just for my own satisfaction in knowing who, why
what, where, when in terms of my sexuality.