Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 13 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely Rosie from KnkStriped as our round up guest <3


There was such a range of posts to choose from in this week, that it made picking my top 3 very difficult. I’ve chosen three contrasting posts that all appealed to me in different ways

The Me Who Never Met You: Coffee & Kink

(CW: abuse)

In another life, I am whole. In another version of the story, the ending is different. Somewhere in that parallel universe, I am different.

This is a tough read, but powerfully expressive of the impact that an abusive relationship can leave behind. Amy’s strength and candour shine through, from the wistfulness with which she ponders the person she might have been, to the courage of her self-recognition today. I read it with tears in my eyes and huge admiration for her courage along her journey to healing.  

Such a dirty little slut: Molly’s Daily Kiss

I want them to tell me what it about her that turns them on.  Nothing is sexier than when her ass is glowing red and her thighs are soaked from being so aroused. 

Not gonna lie, I read this three times, and at least two and a half of those readings were accompanied by my hand down my knickers. What made this post a favourite for me was not just the hot AF descriptions (although I won’t deny they revved my engine hard) but also the sense of connection between Molly and The Charmer, their mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s self and sexuality. 💜

Not The Hottest: Focused & Filthy

I asked him if he didn’t love me and wanted to leave. He asked why. I said we hadn’t talked for three days and his reply was “well I knew you seemed upset or cross about something so I thought I’d better keep out of the way”

I found Missy’s anecdote about the three-day cold-war stand-off between her and her husband, to be both amusing and touching, as it shows how circumstances can appear very different depending on individual perspective – and how important communication is for reconciling those differences in perspective. That’s a valuable piece of wisdom, and one which I struggle to remind myself of sometimes. Keep Talking – But Also Listen.


Thanks again to Rosie for being the Round Up Week 13 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

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