Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 15 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely We Fear Nothing as our round up guest <3 You can check out his blog here.


Change for yourself  by Lillith Avir


Reading by Lillith’s thoughts about that changing her attitude is not something she can live by was interesting as it’s opposite of how I feel, as I feel changing my attitude had helped in some small way. Of course it highlights to me that everyone’s life is different and so certain things that may be applicable to you are not applicable to everyone.

I also like her final statement  “Don’t change yourself to be liked by others. Change yourself, because you want that” 

It’s exactly how I feel more often than not, doing things for myself because I want to rather than doing them for anyone.


Authenticity by Alethea Hunt

It was a long one, but I’ll pick out a few parts I liked.

I liked how Alethea describes her sexuality, from liking boys and being straight, to describing  herself as bi-sexual and eventually telling how “Pansexual fits best and I’ve been using that for about 6 years.”

I’m used to the idea of being “straight” but then understanding yourself as more than that as you get older and moving on from the norms as she says “I’d grow up, get married and have kids was a better description and to do that as a girl, you liked boys. Well, I did. So that was ok.”

I also connected with the post when she talks about going into meetings in suit and heels to get things done, then getting home to remove her shoes, bra and wig revealing her blue hair.  She then says “At the moment I really don’t know who I am without the clothes I learnt to wear when I was younger, but I know I will work it out.”
What we learn when we’re younger sometimes follows us into adulthood, and that sometimes we need to unlearn that or at least move past it to be who we really are.


 Change – I Like The Remix by The Sassy Sub Daily


This is a simple but enjoyable read about how Sass went from a bullied teenager who didn’t do dances, dating or prom but eventually grew up, changed parts of herself and embraced things that helped her into the person she is today as different as she is from the girl she was 10 years ago.

I’m not one who wanted to change themselves, but for others particularly Sass who says “But I changed. The way I dressed changed and I began wearing makeup and actually brushing my hair.” change for them is definitely a good thing.

She goes onto say “once I embraced my kinky side, I attracted different sorts of people. Life is different.”

The idea that embracing a different side of you and attracting different people is certainly relatable to me, and it shows that you can find the right people in life even through ways that weren’t the same as when you were younger. 


Thanks again to We Fear Nothing for being the Round Up Week 15 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

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