Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 20 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely Sparkle Snatch as our round up guest <3 You can check out their blog here.


Thank you to Little Switch Bitch for asking me to do the round up for week 20. It’s really lovely to see a new meme being created, especially one such as Quote Quest, which gives pause for thought and encourages one to ponder before putting pen to paper. This week is no different, with the concept of destiny being discussed. I believe destiny is something we flirt with, paths open up before us and decisions we make determine the shape of the destiny which we make our own. Do you believe?

The Power of Time ~ Little Switch Bitch.

I really like the almost romantic view of destiny LSB expresses here, it really made me smile to read that she’s happy, content, with where she is now, where destiny lead her, even if the years and paths she took to get here haven’t been easy. Her words softened my own, often hard, edges and allow myself to believe that the less than desirable experiences we suffer through can be overcome, and we can also find our missing puzzle pieces, as LSB herself feels she has.

Destiny ~ Violet Fawkes

This line, from Violet, stopped me in my tracks. “There’s something so … immense, about this love, it makes me think that perhaps we have known and loved one another before…” Even a grumpy old non-romantic like me was moved by that line, by the concept of already knowing someone, of being destined to meet them again, to fall in love again, to find each other again when every thing we’re taught points to us being here once, and once only. Thank you, Violet, for making me think, for taking me away from my usual hard line and softening the edges enough to consider that concept within the confines of my own life and experiences.

I believe in Destiny ~ Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Destiny is an interesting concept when we turn it to the side and view it in terms of our own relationships, as MPB has done here. Whether we’re pre-destined to meet certain people at certain times in our lives, and the happiness we find from those encounters is as a direct result, and only tethered to, meeting at that predetermined time. The fact that we perhaps need to have had certain experiences, and made life choices, prior to finding that someone is one I can get on board with, a train of thought that I can apply to my own life and see parallels with how MPB views the concept of destiny herself.


Thanks again to Sparkle for being the Round Up Week 20 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

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