Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 23 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely Luv Bunny as as our week 23 round up guest <3 You can check out their blog here.


I don’t often have vivid dreams that I remember. There are a select few from childhood I can recall. Mostly because they were bizarre! Day-dreaming is something that I can do from time-to-time. During this period of lock down and uncertainty, I am finding planning is going out of the window- like most people. The three posts I’ve chosen for my round-up are ones that resonated with me in some form. Either because of the type of dream or the form of planning.


Dreaming – Eve’s Temptations.

Eve talks about a vivid dream she had recently where she is in Australia and unable to pay a hotel bill, without having access to her money to pay for it. She feels marooned. I think the dream is her subconscious’s way of dealing with her feelings of being thrown out-of-whack by all the lockdown restrictions. Eve later says, “my dreaming has been a long course in self-understanding, and most definitely a guide-to-action. Come 2021, I will be a better lover, a more attentive domme, (though possibly a more sadistic one).” She acknowledges that dreams “are only part of the plan. The rest we do together, and I look forward to being taken into the dreamworlds of subs, play partners, or lovers.”


Day Dreamer – Julie from Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Julie from MPB prefers the last-minute approach to planning. As a daydreamer, she likes to think about things before committing to an action. I identify with that in a way. Recently with settling into my new job, my usual routine has gone awry and I am finding myself working off-the-cuff. For her, research into the type of lifestyle she wished to live, led to her realising the ‘fantasy’ in reality. Extensive planning doesn’t work for Julie; she prefers to live in the moment, doing what needs to be done now and soon. That’s the kind of planning I do now as well.


Daydream Believing Leads to Wonderful Things – Floss Does Life.

I chose this post to go in my top three because who can resist a good news story, right? With all the rubbish 2020 has thrown at us, it seems like there has been a lot of bad news for the first 3 quarters of the year. Now with the recent change in political events in the US and the promise of a vaccine it feels like the dark days are getting lighter, if not literally at least metaphorically speaking. Floss talks about how her domestic/ life plans took a bit of time to meld with Mr F’s. Eventually, they were on the same page about their future. I’m a firm believer in things working out if they’re meant to, and it seems in Floss and Mr F’s case they have aligned in a happy circumstance, where they look forward to welcoming a new baby into their lives. Floss acknowledges “There are all sorts of perfectly-timed moments or happy coincidences that are giving my positive vibes…The way I see it, if daydreams and nonsense get us through tricky times then they’ve got some kind of positive influence that is worth embracing.”


Thank you Little Switch Bitch for inviting me to join in with the weekly round-up, despite my not posting on this meme in a while. I do enjoy reading other bloggers’ work, even when I don’t write so much myself.


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