Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 24 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely Alethea Hunt as our round up guest for week 24 <3 You can check out their blog here.


The excellent bloggers participating this week broadly split into two camps – those who consider themselves writers and those who don’t. Being in the reviewer’s seat this week, I guess it is my job to say however you view yourselves, producing a blog is about communicating and whether that is fiction, reviews or the beautiful images from Focused and Filthy, your voices are important.

I write for me but I want you to read it too – LittleSwitchBItch

My first pick of the week is our excellent hostess, LSB.  I love that she is in total agreement with the quote that she’d chosen as the prompt and although I didn’t get around to writing a post, everything she wrote resonated with both my opinion as Alethea and with my super undercover identity who happens occasionally to be a teacher. Like LSB writes (and as is a traditional mantra in education), reading is considered the best way to increase your vocabulary and the range of styles with which you are familiar, and from that provides the tools to get writing, which is something she does in an incredibly readable way. I am delighted to see her in place as one of Molly’s top bloggers.

There was something to pick up for everyone’s content this week. MPB’s view is complementary to that of LSB, and she importantly is using other bloggers to motivate and structure her own writing as well as reading more generally. ILB picks up on this and builds on the idea writing has to have purpose, and his is to entertain, which he does admirably. Amy from Coffee and Kink goes further and uses her experiences to share a guide on “How to be a Sex Writer”.

Worry less, Write more – Floss Liddell

My second pick is Floss, who writes to share her ideas. Being someone who has walked through life on a privileged academic track through to teaching various styles of writing as part of my job, Floss’ point about gatekeepers to sharing your writing gave me pause for thought. If I saw gatekeepers, I breezed past them confident I could string a few sentences together and didn’t give it second thought. One of the things I love about reading the work of other bloggers is to hear from their experiences, and where gatekeepers are holding those doors closed, we need to everything we can to open them up and encourage a wide range of voices and experiences. We’d be missing a lot if she had felt turned away.

Practice makes Perfect – Missy from Focused and Filthy.

My third pick has taken a creative approach to the quote, turning it from writing, to her passion for photography. Missy (F&F) shares that she feels she has to consider other people’s photography to develop her own, but also emphasises the craft and patience it takes to produce a handful of killer images. And boy, does she produce killer images. It is useful to me to know the technique and approach is not that different from producing mainly written content.

I think, across all the blogs participating this week, it is clear that words don’t seamlessly jump from mind to computer without effort and dedication. Whether writing to express and find yourself, as Lily chooses to or to share your knowledge and ideas, as Storm and Andrew lean towards, it takes work and skill as well as passion to be a blogger. Reading widely is useful when we can, but learning from reading each other, whether to find a new point of view, discover new content, perfect a style or as motivation, is an important part of being a communicator and blogger.


Thanks again to Alethea for being the Round Up Week 24 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

The post for next week’s prompt is live – you can check out Quote Quest Week 25 here and closes on Wednesday at 11pm GMT.

I look forward to seeing what you all do with it!