Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 25 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely Molly Moore as our round up guest for week 25 <3 You can check out their blog here.


When LSB asked me to do a round-up she originally suggested a week I knew I would not be able to do. I am actually glad she did because it meant I ended up with this weeks fabulous quote which also coincided with the Kink of the Week topic which is fucking. In case you didn’t know, I love fucking.
Sadly there are only 6 people linking up this week and to be honest I could have picked all of them (although one of them is mine) because for various different reasons they all speak to me but LSB said 3 and so 3 it is.

Floss Does Life – Fucking is my favourite

I love Flosses writing and this post, well so much of it resonated with me particularly that we both cite fucking as probably our primary kink. That really all our other kinks and fetishes feed into this one glorious one in some way shape or form. I miss so much about not living with a partner but the ability to just have a fuck is definitely way up and reading Flosses piece whilst it made me smile and also twitch with need it also made a little wistful for that missing in my life right now.
“As for orifices in which I like to get fucked, I’m a simple girl, a well fucked cunt is my most favourite thing ever, with both fingers and dick being most welcome to fill me. A good face fucking is also on the list of things I enjoy, but isn’t something I crave in the same way I crave a good P.I.V session.”



Little Switch Bitch – “I’ll stop when you come”

The picture, the words… This one is just fired up my horn! To be beaten and fucked and beaten and fucked until you don’t know anything any more just the need, the overwhelming need for more and less and that orgasm that you know is there but….. Yeah, I want that so badly right now


“Well, hold on, I’ll reverse back a bit. I am on the edge of orgasm. I have been flogged, fucked, beaten, and fairly spent but still not there. I am so so close and every time he can feel me clench harder around him he pulls out and increases the thwacks. “I’ll stop when you come” he says. And originally the brat in me was enjoying this game. I adore high levels of pain, they get me off and when given at that exact, sweet moment can really intensify my orgasms.


“I’ll stop when you come” he says again.”


Focused and Filthy – Buttons

I love fly button jeans. There is just something so fucking hot about them just as there is about this image. The way her hand is disappearing into the opening of his fly but also the open belt and his hand on her arm. Is that a warning or an encouragement? *twitches


Thanks again to  for being the Round Up Week 25 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

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I look forward to seeing what you all do with it!