Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 28 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the the very lovely Lillith as our round up guest <3 You can check out their blog here.

Also Lilly has actually lost her main account on Twitter at the minute – so you can actually find her tweeting from the No True Way twitter account here. Go give her a follow as someone who experienced similar lat year – it is so frustrating to lose your contact circle over night.


I was very excited to do a round-up again. It’s been a while and it fits into my wish to be more active in my little blogasphere. I was a curious what I would read in connection to a quote about Xmas. And I have to admit, I was surprised. Not what I expected and I very much enjoyed the reading.
I have decided on my three top posts (no specific order), but I urge you all to read all of them!

Fuck off, 2020 – Isabelle Lauren

The title says it all really! I assume the majority of us feel that way.
Isabelle takes us on a journey through her year, her experiences, her thoughts and her pain.
And I love the way she connects the picture to the post and a year, that doesn’t make any sense to anyone.

The past, the present and the future  – we_fear_nothing

I enjoyed the way Andrew decided to take the quote apart and get inspired to write by each part rather than the whole quote. The conclusion is perfect and I wish for him and all of us that there’s hope for the future.

One Moment in Time – Alethea Hunt

First of all, I love her description of how of how organised she is.
All that she describes, the stress, the cooking and even the losses and pain, there always seems to be a positivity, which astonishes and fascinated me.
“Courage is to take what you have and create as many of those happy, shiny memories as you can.”
That thought encouraging and I will try and live by it a bit more.


Thanks again to Lillith for being the Round Up Week 28 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

The post for next week’s prompt is live – you can check out Quote Quest Week 29 here and closes on Wednesday at 11pm GMT.

I look forward to seeing what you all do with it!