Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 30 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the very lovely Barefoot Sub as our round up guest for week 30 <3 You can check out her blog here.


It is always a pleasure to be invited to do a round up, even if my first time with a meme feels like the first time ever! The topic this week was so relatable and I am unsurprised that there were so many fantastic posts to read. I did really struggle to narrow my choices down to just 3, they were all so interesting and different! I recommend that you go and check them all out, because I’ve had to miss out so many incredible pieces.

Floss Liddell –  [Relationships] Love and Passion: I want it all. 

The first post I would like to choose is Floss’s [Relationships] Love and Passion: I want it all. Her thoughts on big declarations, how they are used and what they actually mean speaks to me clearly. She could have written this on my behalf, just with a few finer details changed. It is great to read that by following her own feet, and continuing to search, she has found her very own perfect love. “He takes time to be thoughtful, he proves to me that I matter to him, he doesn’t only do things if I ask him, he spends his time actively actioning how he clearly feels inside and as a result, I don’t need the words I just need him exactly as he is.” 

Focused and Filthy – Perfect Love

Next up is Missy’s Perfect Love. I am a bit of a perv for the photography at Focused and Filthy, and the image in this post is no exception. But her words also gave me a delightful reminder what love is: infinite!.  “In some ways I don’t see love as being able to be perfect or imperfect. It is just love – with all the complications that come with it. It makes us crazy, and happy but also can cause pain and heartache. What amazes me is that our ability to love is infinite.

Innocent Loverboy –  The ILB who loves to love 

Innocent Loverboy’s ‘The ILB who loves to love’ gave me a glimpse into the heart of a man who feels unloveable. Even though, as his name suggests, he is all about love! His words choked me up when I read about the guilt he feels at falling in love, the risk to the receiver of his adoration.  “I was fairly convinced, throughout my miserable ecstasies, that those who I loved must have been constantly wondering what they did wrong.


Thanks again to The Barefoot Sub for being the Round Up Week 30 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

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I look forward to seeing what you all do with it!