Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 31 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the very lovely Violet Fawkes as our round up guest for week 31 <3 You can check out her blog here.


Big thanks to LSB for inviting me to do this week’s Round Up. What a bunch of relatable posts! When reading them I felt like I could have written any of them, I feel so similarly. Sex and words, especially written words are so inextricably linked for me. Perhaps because I started writing filthy scraps of pseudo erotica when I was just a teen or because I have always been a word nerd. What can I say? I love language. I also love to fuck.

Pleasures of Literature – Focused and Filthy

Missy’s words are those of someone who truly loves to read. Not only can you hear her love for it but also a great reverence and respect. Covid has our lives and libidos upside down and backwards at times, a point Missy makes that I think we can all relate to. It’s nice to not feel alone in these things, and Missy’s post is a good reminder that books make very good friends.

The Pleasures of Flesh and Literature – LittleSwitchBitch

In this post, LSB takes the words right out of my mouth. At every turn I found myself nodding and mmhmm-ing. Just like her, as much as I love a good book, dollars to doughnuts, I’m choosing sex.

Engage My Mind or Move Along – Lillith Avir 

Lillith’s frank way of speaking/writing is something I really enjoy about her blog. “There definitely is bad literature and bad sex out there. But I have learnt for myself that time is too valuable to spend it on something I don’t enjoy.” Hell yes to this quote!


Thanks again to Violet  for being the Round Up Week 32 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

The post for next week’s prompt is live – you can check out Quote Quest Week 32 here and closes on Wednesday at 11pm GMT.

I look forward to seeing what you all do with it!