Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 38 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the very lovely Nikki from Love is a Fetish back as our round up guest for week 38 <3 You can check out her blog here.


What a cool week to do a round-up. Despite my disbelief in the idea of a soul, what a soulmate represents is deep love and friendship. And I am a sucker for love — real, deep, messy, painful, beautiful love. Whether that is a love for ourselves or for another human being, it signifies something deeper than the surface, and that’s its appeal. It signifies more. Mas amor por favor!

SoulMate – Master’s Pleasing Bitch

“Master didn’t seek to change me, he just helped me see the person I could be. He allowed me to make the changes to my life that I knew deep down I wanted and needed, but didn’t have the strength or courage to do.”

This, to me, is what the concept of a soulmate should represent. Not perfection, not storybook, but love, empathy and compassion. I loved this bit of history and evolution of MPB’s idea of what a soulmate could be for her. What an inspiring tale.

Mirror, Mirror – LittleSwitchBitch

“If anything this new world we live in has taught me is life is short and roads need to be walked.”

This post had me nodding along in agreement. I can super relate to my brain being my worst enemy. Also, the treat of a cute booty perched up on the sink is a nice bonus to such an insightful share.

Nanny – Blue Submission

Damn it, this one hit me hard. My grandmother was my best friend, the only human I had growing up so this beautiful post had me in tears.

“She is in me. I carry her around, always, because she fits in my heart so perfectly. She is my soul mate.”

*sob* We should all be so lucky to experience such a deep, unwavering love for another person.


Thanks again to Nikki for being the Round Up Week 36 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

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