Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 49 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the very lovely as our round up guest for week 49 <3 You can check out her out on Twitter here.


It’s so lovely to be asked by LSB to do the round-up for this blogging meme (I feel it is a particular honour for me as a non-blogger). It prompts me to read every entry on a given subject instead of just dipping into wherever twitter points me and by doing that it’s a reminder of the breadth and depth of creativity we are lucky to be treated to. I found it so hard to choose as so many disciplines are covered here, fiction, autobiographical, photographic…how can we truly judge one against the other? So just went with my heart; these are the three that hit me there.

Erotic Photography – Pieces of Jade

I was so moved by PoJ’s reflections on the photography her previous kink partner had taken of her. How as photography had been central to his kink, it had left a body of work about which she has potentially complicated feelings to process, the joy and pride in them but also a tinge of sadness from them being intertwined with a relationship which is over now. I probably haven’t quite expressed this correctly (apologies PoJ!) you should go and read her words on it instead. It’s a really interesting observation on the legacy of relationship based erotic kink.

Erotic Photography – Focused and Filthy

Like many of you, I watched F&F’s erotic photography and self portraiture develop over these last few years and it has flourished and bloomed (I’ve even been lucky enough to be in some of them). Her attention to detail and dogged striving for perfection pays off week after week and this photo is no exception, It’s astounding. So lovely to read her words about what this visual/technical project means to her and how it has become part of her life.

In Camera – Molly’s Daily Kiss

“I can speak with a camera the way I can’t with words” is how Molly concludes this post, and she proves this visual fluency with the photograph she submits with it. I don’t think it is possible for a photo to be more illustrative of the week’s QuoteQuest subject matter. She nailed it.

But of course she nailed it – she is the grand godparent of so many of our fledgling voyages into self-acceptance, visual creativity and shameless joy in ourselves. She’s fearless in documenting her body, her kinks and the world at large, all the while holding her hand out to all of us that might want to take tentative or bold steps into the freedoms of expression she enjoys. She opened a door and let so many other people in. Maybe you’re one of those people too…


Thanks again to 19Syllables for being the Round Up Week 49 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here

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