Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 50 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the very lovely as our round up guest for week 50 <3 You can check out their blog here.


It appears my round-up duties require less effort than I expected, as only three submissions were listed at the Quote Quest link page. Though this does spare me the difficulty of choosing the three best of a couple dozen posts. Herewith are my thoughts of the three: 

The Quickie – A Haiku: – Eve’s Temptations

This entry aptly portrays the urgency of quick, sneaky sex. Most of us are undoubtedly familiar with the kind of sudden, hurried passion that is expertly described in these three lines, the sort enjoyed in a dark hallway in the back of a bar or in a guest room at a party. Additionally, as I spent most of the last sixteen months holed up in a small house with my wife and child, I am very familiar with the need for stealth when being intimate lest we are interrupted.

Urgency… The Power of a Quickie! – Little Switch Bitch

I love the way this entry describes not only the intensity of hurried, frenzied sex, but but also the frustration of an ill-timed knock on the bedroom door, something I am all too familiar with. Whether having sex with my wife or enjoying self-pleasure, I am always prepared for interruption. In addition to being a very relatable piece of writing – in particular the idea that life sometimes only gives us time for a quickie – I found this entry remarkably vivid and ultimately very exciting.

Quick – Molly Moore

This is a scorchingly sexy entry made no less urgent and arousing by its brevity. At a length of fifty-five words, these four rapid lines evoke a scene more immediate, more urgent, more powerfully erotic than some writers would be able to achieve at three times the length. In addition to feeling envious of the person on the receiving end of this wanton invitation, I find myself wondering about the identity of “she”: are we privy to an illicit affair, or just witnessing a couple parents stealing intimacy when and where they are able to?


Thanks again to Jack for being the Round Up Week 50 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here.

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