Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 52 post for Quote Quest. A year of Quote Quest!

WowTech should have been doing the roundup this week but something came up and that left me in a predicament because I would pick you all <3 My lovely OH, the wonderful Mr. LSB stepped up to the task as he doesn’t know you all and it would be easier for him (and me) to choose!

His choices are:


QQ552 – KnkStriped

My clit and me – Molly Moore

Wonderful wanking – Happy Come Lucky

Their’s – The Other Me

His round up is a little different as he isn’t a huge wordy man and has passed on his thoughts to me to relay!


He loved Molly’s approach to the quote and how she detailed her journey throughout her years and how her clit has always been there for her. Knkstriped’s post found him nodding along in agreement and he loved her wording and approach, mentioning how well she wrote. Honey’s post is here because he adored the passion of her post and even he could find himself agreeing with the words (which I found hot from a partner perspective, I shall be quizzing him on his wanking styles – thanks Honey 😉 ) and finally, The Other Me’s post is here because he felt your post paid tribute to all the others and your words were almost like a merging of the other 3. Plus he thought your image is super hot!


So there you have it, folks!

Thank you all for taking part and supporting QuoteQuest over the last year!


Thanks to Mr.LSB for doing Round Up Week 52 – you can check out other round up posts here.

The post for next week’s prompt is live – you can check out Quote Quest Week 53 here and closes on Thursday at 11.59pm GMT.