Hello and welcome to the Round Up – Week 55 post for Quote Quest.

This week we have the very lovely Miss Walker as our round up guest for week 55 <3 You can check out her twitter here.


First of all, I’d like to thank LSB for inviting me to do this weeks roundup – I’m not a blogger or writer so it was a lovely surprise to be asked. The quote used sparks my own feelings (more on that later) but it was delightful seeing the inspiration it gave to everyone who contributed. The diversity was wonderful.

Kicking out in heels – A Leap of Faith

The first post that caught my eye was “Kicking out in heels – a leap of faith” – I actually laughed seeing the image of The Barefoot Sub that was captured so perfectly by Neil S R. It just conveys so much fun! I’m a firm believer that kink doesn’t have to be straight laced and a serious business only (if this is your thing though, that’s cool) and this is a perfect demonstration of that attitude for me… the killer heels, the latex gown and then the caution thrown completely to the wind. Beautiful. “..In many ways the picture I’ve shared depicts how I live my life.” Bravo. Long may you continue thriving.

Live, Love, Travel – Lillith Avir

My next choice was “Live, Love, Travel” by Lilith Avir. Parts of her writing were so relatable personally and I think also conveyed the anxiety and frustrations those in an LDR have experienced over the last 18 months extremely well. “Dreaming or obsessing about what could happen in the future? Yes, I like doing both. It depends on my mood. If i’m in a good mood, I will daydreaming about all the wonderful things that are yet to come. If they do. On a bad day, I start worrying. What if that happens? And what if this happens?” This is very much me, with regards to a lot of aspects in my life. Lilith, I hope you and Michael are reunited soon.

Would you rewind? – LittleSwitchBitch

Finally, “Would you rewind?” written by LSB. This was the first submission I read after the quote went live and I mentally punched the air when I read her first two lines. To me, the Mae West quote makes me feel pressured, like there is no room for mistakes on life….I guess it’s the “if” that’s in there. “IF you do it right” – No runner gets their PB the first time, no writer gets their novel right the first time. That’s a whole lot of pressure when you apply it to what they are saying is your one shot on Earth. I’ve made bad mistakes in the past. It’s guaranteed I’ll make mistakes in my future. But as LSB rightly says “Yes, I have arsed up, many times but they have made me the strong, resilient woman I am today.”


Thanks again to Miss Walker for being the Round Up Week 55 guest <3 You can check out other round up posts here.

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