There are a few simple rules to follow so you can take part in Quote Quest.

The biggest one is – QuoteQuest is a safe, inclusive space. Regardless of your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, this space is sex and body positive.


  1. Link tool opens on Friday at 11am GMT and will remain open until the following Thursday at 11pm GMT. Round up posts will be published on the Monday after the link closes.
  2. You must 18 years of age or over to take part
  3. QuoteQuest is a meme with a sexy twist so we would prefer posts that have a sexy, sensual vibe to them. However, that just doesn’t mean just sexy images or posts about the act of sex. All topics relating to sex can be included. If you are not sure if your post fits, please feel free to get in touch and ask me.
  4. Please do not submit overly explicit images as a prompt as not all folks who take part in Quote Quest want explicit content on their blog.
  5. If your post contains images that you took of someone, you MUST have written consent from the person in that/those image(s).
  6. The same goes for quotes you submit – please do not claim words as your own if you have just copied and pasted them. If you want to use words belonging to another blogger and think they would be an awesome prompt – please contact them prior to submitting them
  7. No images or words depicting illegal activates including rape, drug taking, bestiality, paedophilia or any sexual acts with a minor.
  8. Please use appropriate content warnings/trigger warnings in your post – this is extremely important. Anyone who doesn’t comply with this will be given a warning if it happens more than once and if continues to do so will be removed from the meme.
  9. No password protected posts.
  10. I reserve the right to remove any links to posts or comments that I deem unacceptable and I can ban anyone from Quote Quest for any reason or no reason at all. Meaning that if you comment or post a link to Quote Quest that includes hateful, transphobic, racist, sexist language then I will delete and ban your ass from taking part. There are lots of memes run by people who support all that – go take your work to them.
  11. Please remember that if someone has linked work here, then they want you to read it. Leave them a comment, let them know you appreciate their art – be it words or images <3
  12. If you’re on social media, use the hashtag #QuoteQuest to promote your post.
  13. Feel free to link in with other memes <3 Spread all the love!
  14. Please note – I am happy for you to link multiple posts but in the interest of others taking part, only one of your posts may be included in the round up posts.
  15. Also please note posts must be recent – please do not link up old posts. By all means if you wrote something that is very similar to the quote or bang on point – then link up or maybe write a new post while linking that post in. However, please ask me first if you aren’t sure – really old posts will be removed
  16. LSB, LittleSwitchBitch or QuoteQuest is not responsible for any posts that are linked up which are illegal or include images or work that is breaking the law, regardless of which country you are posting form. Any work linked doing this or promoting this will be removed.
  17. If you have any issues or if you would like to take part and don’t have a blog, please use the contact form below or email me directly at as I am happy to guest host your post <3

Last but not least, please include the badge below in your post and make sure it links back to the post for the week you’re participating.


Quote Quest

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