Quote Quest is a new weekly meme created by LSB from LittleSwitchBitch.com.

I wanted to create something a little bit different. There are many prompts out there that give you a word or an image to use as prompt, what about if you have lots of words or perhaps only a few. The idea for Quote Quest came about many months back. Each week, I share an image( and sometimes words) for Sinful Sunday. I am always struggling to find the perfect quote to go with my image. My mind started boggling and I thought what if I was given the words instead and could create an image from those words. This of course, may change how I take my image, or it may not… The words provided simply serve as a muse – inspiration to get you thinking….

Of course, this meme isn’t all about just sharing images… Words equally inspire words and I most definitely welcome all the words too.

However, I am a sex blogger after all and I am also a self confessed perv so Quote Quest is more focused on the sexier side of life. That being said, please link up and share important messages regarding whatever you feel is relevant regarding sex, lack of it, enjoying it, not enjoying, sexual health, gender, mental health, sexual orientations – you name it. Just because it doesn’t feature words about actual sex, doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit here.

Please check out the rules page first though – just to make sure you know Quote Quest works.